Step Into Your Feminine Power!!

Wholly Membership is where you will find the SECRETS to living in your Sacred Feminine Power. This is also where you will DO the practice. All practices are designed to move you from your conscious surface level to your deeper subconscious and higher self where you access your intuition, healer within, ignite your Soul potential and unleash your inner Goddess (who you must remember has a sense of humor). Not your typical run-of-the-mill stuff.  Foremost, it’s a Woman’s Path, developed especially for women! Here is where it gets real.

Using a MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP format you will receive weekly and monthly guidance on the Holey Path to Holy Living through emails, podcasts, LIVE sessions, a Secret Facebook page, AND MORE… 

Your personal investment of $11.11/month will include:

  • Sacred Feminine Power Principles
  • Holey Path to Holy Living Action Steps
  • LIVE On-line Soul Potential Journal Group
  • Secret Midlife and Beyond Goddess Tips
  • Holey Confessionals Blog
  • Holey to Holy Journal Prompts for the Journey
  • Women’s Path to Healing
  • Living Your Yoga – Life in Balance 
  • Guided Imagery, Meditation, Mindfulness and Other Informational Podcasts
  • Invitations to LIVE Sessions
  • Emails to tickle, support and motivate

All that for a personal investment of $11.11 a month!  Do You Feel the Power? HOLEY GODDESS YES!!


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